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'Nature' is burning!?

July 17th, 2018


It seems the hot weather this summer is not only mitigating my thematic drives – gloomy pessimistic skies – and my need for cloud cover to create soft, diffuse lighting; but also, it is proving to be a destructive one for some of my proposed locations in the Peak District. Many of the valleys and national parks are in flames due to the sustained heat, which not only has caused very restricted access but also an obvious health and safety risk.

I am monitoring the situation on a regular basis to ascertain when I will be able to access the hope valley area, where Stanage Edge is situated. It also seems that whilst fires may not be active at them moment, there are restrictions on public access to mitigate any further ignition from litter, dropped sparks, etc.


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An image taken from a recent post on the Fire Operations Group, who are responsible for monitoring and controlling fires in the National Parks.

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Moorland Fires, PEAK DISTRICT, UK

This video shows just one large scale fire that has been affecting not only the Peak District National park, but also National PArks across the country this summer. I will continue to monitor the advice and guidance from the Fire Operations Group and the PEak District NAtional parks website and Facebook page, to ascertain when I will  be able to shoot background footage for my project.

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