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Filming the Binary Opposite of ‘Machine’

August 6th, 2018


Following my research into suitable locations that would have the correct grandeur and scale for a Science Fiction landscape, whilst also exhibiting the signifiers needed in their ancient landscape to act in binary opposition to the high technology, human imprint left by the CG assets I will be augmenting into the scene, today was about travelling to the Peak District to film with the DJI OSMO.

Preceding this, I had also captured the full range of exposure data from the OSMO to generate a 1D conversion LUT, and was happy that the conversion from 8bit Display referred space to 32 bit Scene Referred space was more than possible. Additionally, my tests had shown that I must keep the camera at 100 ISO and in the Cinelike colour profile in the camera in order for the full 8.3 stops of EV to be captured, but also for the 1D LUT I have generated to work, once applied in Blender as a colour transform.


  • Validity of Research 80%
  • Complexity of Content 85%
Above is a screengrab of the Google map directions from my Home/base and the shooting location in Stanage

Primary Practice


In order to have as much control over both the surrounding environment and the light, I left at 5:30 AM to drive to Stanage Edge, that was approximately a 90 minute journey from my home. This would hopefully guarantee that there was to be as fewer members of the general public as possible – Stanage is very popular with both Climbers and Hikers alike – and I could also predict the position of the Sun in regard to the angles I wanted to shoot of the location.

Additionally, once parked at the foot of the Edge, I predicted that it would take 30 mins to climb to the top, based on previous recce trips and visits. It was also hoped that no more moorland fires had started overnight, which had been a very large scale problem in the Peak District throughout the summer period.

Lastly, my brother accompanied myself to not only help and support with equipment, but to also assist with health and safety and an extra person for evidencing the shoot.

Core findings

OSMO Wanders

The DJI OSMO creates relatively smooth footage for the cost and accessibility of the device, but it does tend to wander and drift at the beginning and end of movements, which can make it awkward to shoot a parallax tracking shot.

The Stabilization within the OSMO warps the image

There is a strange, negative byproduct to the OSMO, where parallax shifts seem to slide and warp as if composited. This is due – I believe – to some form of in-camera, interpolated Warp Stabilization similar to that of other cameras, phones and post-production effects such as Premiere’s ‘Warp Stabilizer. The footage is smooth, but could mitigate the effectiveness of Tracking and Solve, as well as making the placement of CG elements restrictive.

Stanage Edge perfectly offsets ‘Nature’ from ‘Machine’

Thematically, the ancient nature of the landscape perfectly signifies the binary opposition of a man made, machine-like future, with its rugged, rock-laden seam that extends for miles; carved by a longgone Glacier from the Ice Age. This should not only complement the backgrounds used in other outputs but also reinforce the necessary binary opposition of the project on the whole.

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